Who we are

BUFET GÓMEZ FERRÉ is a law firm specialised in civil and commercial procedural law that manages the matters entrusted to it, offering its legal opinion and initial investigation of solvability, free of charge to its clients, before bringing legal action.

Established in 1988, BUFET GÓMEZ FERRÉ brings over 25 years of expertise to the field of extrajudicial and judicial credit management and recovery for individuals, companies, and banks. Operating with a results-oriented approach, the firm consistently delivers outcomes across all provinces and judicial districts of Spain and internationally. Additionally, it specializes in resolving various conflicts through judicial and extrajudicial channels for individuals and companies, including:

  1. Banking law, credit claims and banking contracts.
  2. Credit claims between companies and individuals.
  3. Conflicts and debts between individuals.
  4. Legitimacy, inheritance, leases, matrimonial law.
  5. Legal actions directed against administrators and/or partners related to COMPANY OR INDIVIDUAL UNPAID CREDITS by companies that have disappeared, de facto closed down, reopened with new legal entities, administrators’ liability, relative and absolute simulation, contractual nullity, removal of the veil, fictitious interposition of a person, front men…

How do we work

BUFET GÓMEZ FERRÉ always passes on its fees to the client, and if there are no pass-on costs, we adjust our fees as agreed with the client.

Furthermore, in order to recover unpaid debts, BUFET GOMEZ FERRÉ needs the creditor client, his confidence (to be obtained from real recovery facts) and the documentation, as all the NECESSARY, ADDITIONAL and PREVIOUS INFORMATION on solvency, LOCATION, etc… is FREE.

In contrast, BUFET GÓMEZ FERRÉ is not a multidisciplinary firm, but is made up ONLY of civil and commercial litigation lawyers, credit recovery lawyers and managers of all types of disputes. Therefore, the premises are: vocation for service, minimum cost for the client, perseverance over time and creativity in action.

We know that there are recovery companies, that there are law firms, but there is no firm, such as BUFET GÓMEZ FERRÉ, designed, structured and equipped, both humanly and technically, for the NON-EMPLOYMENT of credit recovery and any other litigious matters, there simply is not.

We look forward to your FREE and no-obligation CONSULTATION, with verification of the possibilities and free of charge solution of the problem.

More than 25 years recovering loans


Banking law, unpaid debts, credits and contracts

Unpaid debts between companies and individuals

Claims of credits to administrators of disappeared or de facto closed companies

Commercial and corporate law, distribution and agency contracts, disputes between partners

Construction law, claims and defence

Civil law of contracts, successions and family law


93 487 38 00




We have more than 25 years of experience during which many clients from different sectors have received our services.



Our ability to find creative solutions to complex legal situations in the field of credit recovery has been the hallmark of our firm since its creation.



We are professionals at people’s service.



We take as much time as necessary to get to know you, your problems, and your legal concerns.



We have a total customer service orientation, that is to say, we are sensitive to our customers and their problems. Consequently, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and to transmit security while we achieve this through reliability and quality of service.



This is our main value which we facilitate and promote among professionals and by exceeding the communication expectations of our clients while transmitting our brand identity to society.

Satisfied clients
Years of experience
Legal proceedings


BUFET GÓMEZ FERRÉ will contact you and give you an answer as soon as possible.

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