BUFET GÓMEZ FERRÉ has grown significantly in the volume of its banking portfolio, thanks to the trust that its clients have been depositing and increasing progressively.

The positive results in the extrajudicial banking area are so outstanding that, despite the increase in the volume of files under management, the percentage result increases (an operation that requires shuffling the number of files under management), which leads to the conclusion of the objective development of an area in constant expansion.

Regarding the judicial area, coinciding with the evolution of Spanish bank defaults reflected in the decrease in nominal amounts in claims in the last two years, as well as with recent legislative innovations that in the judicial field encourage the claim of low amounts with minimum costs for the client (monitoring process), a notable increase is observed in the trust that the banks have placed in BUFET GÓMEZ FERRÉ, through the effective indicator that is the growing volume of files in the portfolio.

On the other hand, an analysis of the internal financial and economic studies completes an overview of BUFET GÓMEZ FERRÉ.

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